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Mischa Verheijden

Verzameling citaten over content en online marketing. Uit boeken en blogs die ik lees. Citaten die me doen nadenken en inspireren. Wat ze gemeen hebben: ze zijn allemaal een schot in de roos. Vind ik.
Jul 13 '12

Writing for People …

"Last time I checked, it’s people who use search engines, not some other life form. So you’re always writing for people."

Brian Clarke

Jul 9 '12

The essence of strategy on the web

“To me the essence of strategy on the web is customer centricity. The Web is about the rise of customer power. Social media is just one example of that. Is the organization truly going to focus on and organize around the customer? That’s the key strategic question. How do we frame content in that context? So, it’s not about content but rather about culture, because as the great Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Gerry McGovern

Jul 2 '12

Give people what they need and they will value you forever

"Give people what they want and they will like you for now. Give people what they need and they will value you forever."

A Simon Sinek note to inspire

May 25 '12

Is what we write useful or not

“Web content exists within the context of a task; something the customer wishes to do. By measuring the ability of the customer to quickly and easily complete the task, we measure the quality of the content. Because the better the content the faster and easier the task will be completed.

It will be scary, certainly, to find out whether what we write is actually useful or not. But it’s hugely exciting too. We can now figure out what works and do more of it, and figure out what doesn’t work and stop doing it.

Gerry McGovern

Apr 24 '12

What did your content help your customer do?

"We have to measure the outcome on the Web, not the input. What did your content help your customers do? If you can’t answer that question you should seek another career. Because long term there is very little future for the put-it-upper, churn-it-outer, content producer.”

Gerry McGovern

Mar 21 '12

Living content

"People like fresh content, new content, living content. they seek it out every day, through their computers and their smart phones. Living content: it’s what people want. And if they can’t get it from you, they will find it elsewhere."

Nick Usborne

Mar 12 '12

This is marketing, there is nothing useful here

"People are tired, cynical and skeptical of empty marketing promises. When people see slick images of Hollywood extras with billboard smiles they immediately think: ‘This is marketing. There’s nothing useful here’."

Gerry McGovern 

Feb 1 '12

You can’t cut and paste your way to web content happiness

It’s time to start treating web content like a valuable asset. You can’t cut and paste your way to web content happiness. To benefit from your content, your company needs to have the right processes in place.”

Don Seidenberg

Jan 19 '12

Be super-fake or be completely honest

"Either be super-fake and make believe you’re friendly to everybody, or be completely honest."

Loren Feldman

Jan 12 '12

Purest purpose for content

"The purest purpose for content is to help people answer their questions, solve their problems and show that you know how to help them with these things."

Beth Hrush